NVQ assessment has changed

NVQ assessment registrations are now included in a qualification which includes both the theory and the site-based practical elements.

The AM2 (Achievement Measurement) is the third example of evidence and must be completed (externally) in order to claim your NVQ and hence your full Diploma.

Those having the old "Technical Certificates" can migrate this into the new qual to achieve full Electrician status.

City & Guilds 2382-18 18th Edition is launched in July 2018

City & Guilds 2382-18 18th Edition 

The 2382-18 18th Edition Wiring Regulations course is offered over three days and includes the new changes. There is a two hour multi-choice exam, which is offered on the final day (or later if the candidate needs further time to study).

Domestic Installer course upgraded

We offer a four week Domestic Installer course comprising Basic Electrics, Wiring Regulations, Portable Appliance Testing (if required), In-house Certificate for Domestic Installers and Initial Verification (Inspection, Testing and Certification). This is for those wishing to join the electrical industry to work on dwellings only.  The rules have changed now for those Domestic Installers wishing to join a Competent Persons' Scheme. The one-week course will still give the qualification to work in many areas of domestic dwellings but some areas of work may now need Certifying by a qualified member of a Competent Persons' Scheme.

If anyone had achieved the Level 2 Certificate for Domestic Installers (our one-week course) they can then enhance their existing qualification with us in order to join a Competent Persons' Scheme.

For those operatives who have some previous experience we can offer an "on-line knowledge assessment" exam at the end of our four-week block which allows registration with a Competent Persons' Scheme provider.